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We would like to express our sincere appreciation to our valued customers and business partners who have been
supporting us since our establishment in 1976.
Asia Trading & Service originally started our business with exporting ships and other industrial machineries to Asia.
With our broad knowledge built up over the years and worldwide network in U.S.A. and Europe, now we handle
various products including parts and material of aero-engine, food products, and more.
To cope with rapidly-changing company surroundings and management environment in the globalizing world,
we have the high processing capability and the speed to keep up with the market trends which we believe are necessary
to provide up-to-date information and reliable products to customers who are continuously exploring new markets,
and to those who are developing new products and efficient production systems.
Our goal is to become your most reliable and sincere business partner who can meet various needs to increase your
business values.
Masato Misono