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Message from the President

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to the customers who have helped us build Asia Trading & Service Co., Ltd. from where we started in 1976 to what we are today.
As globalization has increased hand-in-hand with rapid changes in the management environment, we've kept ahead of changes in marketplace trends. At the same time, we've worked to always provide our customers who are developing new products and a timely production systems with the newest information that is perfectly matched to their requests, and trustworthy equipment, facilities, machinery, and materials. From our beginnings in shipping and production machinery exports, over the years we've learned to marry a youthful agility with a comprehensive, hard-earned wisdom, and today with our work in aircraft engine components, we've grown to meet a wide variety of challenges in the United States, Europe, and through-out Asia.
Weat Asia Trading & Service Co., Ltd. look forward to meeting our customers' and partners' needs with trust, integrity, and mutual benefit for added value.
Masato Misono